Lakewalk Villas Property Owners Association, Inc.

What goes here:

Club meeting, Community notices of items for sale, Pavilion reservations, or any other items of interest to the general community.

What doesn't go here:

Political ads, Rants, Religious proselytizing, Negative comments about either the, Board of Directors, or POA or any other Lakewalk Villas resident.


All postings must be submitted to the Website Coordinator, using the Bulletin Board Request Form, to be pre-approved for language, information and picture appropriateness before being posted.

Each personal posting will remain on the BB for maximum of 30 days, unless otherwise noted, after which time they will be automatically removed. 

Pavilion Reservation Procedure - Web site

See Guidelines revision dated September 2021 (Document's tab) for reserving the Pavilion by a homeowner/resident for their personal use on a particular day/time. A form, found on the Bulletin Board tab, should be downloaded, filled out and returned to the Board Secretary two (2) weeks before the intended reservation date (see Contact's tab for contact information).

Received and approved reservations are shown on the Calendar tab showing the date, time and party making the reservation. Please consult the Calendar before filling out and submitting your form to avoid reservation conflicts.

Bulletin Board Posting Request Form

Pavilion Reservation Form

BOD Performance Questionnaire

The June 10th Community Get Together at Lake Walk Villas. We hope all of you enjoyed getting to know some of the local residents and enjoyed a beautiful day at the Pavilion! :)